1/35 M6A1 Heavy Tank - "Black Label Series"
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1/35 M6A1 Heavy Tank - "Black Label Series"

Barcode: 0 89195 86789 6
Case Pack: 12 pieces per master carton
Box Size: 9.6" x 15" x 3.5"

Dragon’s new Black Label has received a very enthusiastic response from modelers owing to their unique subjects and highest technical quality. The first two 1/35 scale items depicted post-WWII vehicles, but now Black Label has gone further back in time to WWII with its third creation. The new kit features the M6A1 Heavy Tank, an American design that dated back to late 1940. When speaking of American tanks, the M4 Sherman is always thought of, but in fact the USA had a number of unique and interesting designs that it explored. The 57.4-tonne M6 was designed as a tank able to respond to Germany’s all-dominating Panzers that had previously swept through Europe, and approval to produce four prototypes was given in February 1941. The type proved unsatisfactory in testing, and in the end only eight M6, twelve M6A1 and 20 M6A2 tanks were built by Baldwin from 1942-44. They were never used in combat but were used for testing and experimentation. The M6 had a crew of six and was armed with an M7 76mm gun, M6 37mm gun and no less than five machine guns.

This monster 1/35 scale kit doesn’t make use of any parts from previous Sherman kits, for everything is
~Newly Tooled~ specifically for the M6A1 Heavy Tank. The kit resorts widely to slide-molded components thanks to Dragon’s technical know-how. The model is extremely accurate and it contains beautiful details, yet at the same time it is easy to assemble and put together. It also features DS tracks for convenience’s sake. The M6 tanks produced in the early 1940s never left US soil as the design was considered anachronistic, but Black Label now makes it available to all. Of course, this release comes as a wonderful surprise – who would ever have imagined that an M6 would appear as an injection-molded kit?!
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