1/700 H.M.S. Dragon Type 45 Destroyer Batch 2
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1/700 H.M.S. Dragon Type 45 Destroyer Batch 2

Barcode: 0 89195 87109 1
Case Pack: 24 pieces per master carton
Box Size: 7.5" x 13" x 1.8"

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this is the Year of the Dragon. Therefore, Cyber Hobby is celebrating the occasion with a 1/700 scale ship kit of HMS Dragon! This Royal Navy vessel is the fourth Type 45 air defense destroyer. HMS Daring was the lead ship of this new class, the UK’s first new destroyer type since the 1970s. A total of six ships are being constructed. Dragon was launched by BAE Systems Naval Ships in November 2008 and she is due for commissioning in the spring of 2012. The destroyer has a sleek and smooth profile designed to provide a low radar cross-section, and these Daring-class air warfare destroyers are among the world’s most advanced of their type. Their combat systems are based around the SAMPSON multifunction radar, S1850M 3-D air surveillance radar and Sea Viper missile system (with 48 Aster 15 and 30 air defense missiles and Sea Skua anti-ship missiles).

With recent items like LCS-1 and LCS-2, Dragon’s 1/700 scale ship kits have met an enthusiastic response from modelers. Following on from a 1/700 scale plastic kit of the first-of-class HMS Daring, now comes an upgraded and identically scaled HMS Dragon. Parts are formed from molds created by the very latest in technological and engineering design. The ship is reproduced in full detail, and the stealthy exterior is accurately proportioned. The enclosed radar tower is a sophisticated item, with various antennas extending from it at the correct angles. Lethal weapon systems like the 4.5-inch gun and air defense system are also supplied in remarkable detail. The kit includes a brand new Westland Merlin HM1 helicopter. Cartograf also offers red dragon markings for her bow, making this a true namesake of Dragon!
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