1/72 IJA Type 97 "Chi-Ha" Late Production, Saipan 1944
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1/72 IJA Type 97 "Chi-Ha" Late Production, Saipan 1944

Barcode: 0 89195 87397 2
Packaging: 48 Pieces per carton
Box Size: 6.4" x 10.2" x 1.9"

Brand New Tooling!!!

- Newly tooled IJA Type 97 delicately produced
- New sprocket wheels w/breathtaking details
- New idler wheels and road wheels accurately produced

- Sharply produced on-vehicle tools
- Hollow exhaust pipe w/photo-etched exhaust cover
- Intricate cooling grill included
- Upper hull w/rivet detail molded on
- Slide-molded lower hull molded w/details
- Realistic 57mm Type 97 gun and two 7.7mm Type 97 MGs included
- Cupola can be assembled open/closed
- Rear hull details accurately produced

Dragon recently came up with the first of some scintillating new subjects in its series of 1/72 scale plastic kits. The first item was a Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, and now another Japanese subject is added to the collection. The addition is a Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank, Japan’s most widely produced medium tank of WWII. Boasting a short-barreled 57mm main gun and two Type 97 machine guns, this tank was intended to serve as an up-scaled version of the Type 95 for infantry support. Armor protection was modest on this vehicle built mainly by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. A total of 2,123 tanks were built from 1938-43, although 930 of these were of the improved Type 97 Kai version featuring a higher-velocity 47mm gun. The tank could move at a speed of 38km/h.

Dragon’s 1/72 scale model shows such a Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank. Like the preceding Ha-Go light tank (#7394), this model makes wide use of slide-mold technology. The lower hull, for instance, is made as one piece with all details molded on. The same goes for the intricate slide-molded turret. To ensure easy and accurate assembly, the upper hull comes as a single piece too. The DS track runs on idler wheels, return rollers and 1st and 6th road wheels that are all slide-molded. Slide molds also enable the main cannon and machine gun muzzles to be hollow. Finally, a photo-etched part is provided for the muffler. Modelers will be delighted with Dragon’s rendition of this widely used Japanese medium tank!
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