1/35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I Late Production (3 in 1)
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1/35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I Late Production (3 in 1)

Re-Issue in July 2015

Barcode: 0 89195 86406 2
Packaging: 20 Pieces per carton
Box Size: 9.6"x15"x3.5"

Tiger I Late Production (3 in 1)
1) Tiger I Late Production
2) Tiger I Final Production
3) Tiger I Late Production (Command Version)

At the time of its introduction in August 1942, the Tiger I was the most potent and heavily armored tank in the world. Weighing 57 tonnes and armed with a mighty 8.8cm main gun, it was a dangerous predator on any battlefield. During the course of its life, various modifications and improvements were made to various components. The Late Production version, for example, was characterized by having steel road wheels instead of rubber-rimmed wheels of earlier vehicles.

Brand New Features:
*Newly tooled slide-molded DS track with revised pattern
*Upgraded details on hull bottom delicately reproduced to look realistic
*New engine heater on rear plate is provided as option
*Newly designed exhaust shields with updated square bump details are highly realistic
*Updated escape hatch is workable with interior details

Multi-directional slide-molded cupola with full details
*Cupola ring delicately reproduced with weld seams
*Two types of cupola ring available: with and without drainage slots
*Cupola w/ head pad ring and details
*Separate commander's hatch swivel arm
*Clear parts for individual periscope ports in cupola
Two types of loader's hatch to suit different variants
*Loader’s hatch can be assembled open/closed
*Loader’s hatch with interior details
Stowage bin can be assembled open/closed, complete with slide-molded rivet detail on all bin faces
*Lock for stowage bin w/photo-etched parts
One-piece slide-molded turret
*Weld details finely reproduced on both sides of turret
Two types of turret roof available to suit different variants
*Close defense weapon can be assembled open/closed
*Close defense weapon molded in super detail: can rotate 360 degrees
*The three pilze (for final type roof) have a weld seam and drainage hole
Accurate spare tracks w/separate and accurately molded guide horns
*Detachable spare tracks can be hung on the turret sides

Gun & Mantlet
Three types of gun mantlet
Screw holes in gun sleeve
Barrel recoils as in real firing
Two types of accurately detailed slide molded muzzle brake

Upper Hull (front)
Driver and Radio operator's hatch w/ interior details and clear periscope
*Slide-molded clear periscope with rubber sleeve
Driver's vision port is movable upward/downward
Detailed Bosch headlight with electrical cable
Complete bow MG w/ sights and ammo bag
Detailed injection on-vehicle tools and brackets
Additional on vehicle tools without brackets
Photo-etched fret for on-vehicle tool brackets

Upper Hull (Rear)
Photo-etched fret for engine grill mesh
2 types of metal tow cables
Slide-molded cable heads
Finely detailed U-Shaped tow hooks
Extreme attention to detail correctly replicates the curved cross-section design of the air cooling grills

Lower Hull
One piece slide-molded bottom hull of Tiger I Late Production variant
Workable torsion bars
Idler arms with full details
Road wheels with crisp details and two types of road wheel hubs available
Interior components: fuel tank, radiator etc
*Fan in separate parts
Photo-etched air duct
Both front and rear mud guards are hinged and can be folded
Detailed jack comprises several pieces – can be extended to different length

Cartograf decals offers accurate markings

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