1/35 Cyber Hobby Sd.Kfz.7 8t Halftrack Flatbed w/2cm Flak 38
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1/35 Cyber Hobby Sd.Kfz.7 8t Halftrack Flatbed w/2cm Flak 38

Supplies are limited, only a small quantity of this 1/35 Cyber Hobby Sd.Kfz.7 8t Halftrack Flatbed w/ 2cm Flak 38 will be produced. Cyber-Hobby items will have one production run only and there will NOT be a reproduction of this item. In another words, once it is sold out it will be gone forever!

Cyber-Hobby Model Kits are OEM by Dragon Models, the same manufacturer that brings you the finest model kit in the market. These Cyber Hobby kits are officially known as the Master Grade Model by Dragon as they uses genuine Dragon parts, have a more obscured topic selection, uses special markings, and are normally loaded with bonuses.

Furthermore, Cyber Hobby Limited Edition Model Kits are small quantity limited production, and there will be one production run only.

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  • Side armor plates can be assembled at different angles for travel or combat

  • Side frames can be folded down for better crew access

  • Gun can traverse 360 degrees

  • Newly tooled front armor accurately designed w/photo-etched blacket

  • Newly tooled side panel w/bolt detail

  • Gun cradle offers great detail definition

  • gun sight and hand wheels w/well-defined detail

  • Sharply reproduced on-vehicle tools

  • Wooden side and tailgate w/great detail

  • 2cm Flakvierling 38 cannon w/accurate detail

  • Slide-molded one-piece gun barrel w/hollow muzzle

  • Triangular base-plate gun platform authentically detailed

  • Gun shield molded to correct scale thickness

  • Cannon can be freely posed at different angles

  • Realistic engine hood formed from multiple parts w/louver detail

  • Radiator cover w/accurate detail

  • Realistically cargo deck supported by bames and V-shaped mounts

  • Fully detailed steering mechanism

  • Intricately detailed internal mechanical components: engine, gearbox, fuel tank, compressed-air tank, suspension, exhaust and winch

  • 6-cylinder engine represented by multiple parts

  • Delicate engine housing

  • Suspension system as per the real vehicle; slide-molded suspension arms and springs w/delicate detail

  • Detailed winch spool has bolt and rib detail

  • Finely detailed sub-frame made by slide molds w/muffler and exhaust-pipe assembly

  • Rear crossbeam w/roller and trailer coupling depicted like the real one

  • Detailed gearbox has multipart assembly

  • Brake drums have detail on both sides

  • Chassis presented in full details

  • Final-drive housing made from separate parts w/bolt and rib detail

  • New accurately shaped front fenders made from 2-directional slide mold

  • Photo-etched steps w/tread pattern next to front fenders

  • Includes clear lenses for headlamps

  • Brand new Magic Tracks for German half-track

  • Track links have reinforcing structure

  • Different road wheels rendered w/delicate detail on both sides

  • Sprocket w/realistic ribbed detail

  • Front wheels w/authentic tread pattern made from DS

  • Photo-etched flange around center of sprocket wheel

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