1/6 Soviet Aerosan Rf-8/Gaz-98
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1/6 Soviet Aerosan Rf-8/Gaz-98

Barcode: 0 89195 75044 0
Case Pack: 2 pieces per master carton
Box Size: 11" x 24" x 10"

Dragon has released a number of large-scale 1/6 models of famous vehicles from WWII, and the newest item is something novel. Because of the harsh winters in the Soviet Union, that country developed and produced many aerosans – a kind of motorized sled – for military purposes. The advantage of these vehicles was that they could cross deep snow-covered ground or frozen lakes/rivers, although they weren’t particularly maneuverable in tight confines. Gorki Narkorechflota developed the small and unarmored RF-8/GAZ-98 aerosan; production commenced in 1942 and about 2,000 were eventually made. Built of aviation plywood, it was powered by a 50hp GAZ-M1 truck engine and featured a 2.35m-diameter metal propeller. The commander/gunner sat in the front of the cockpit with a 7.62mm DT machine gun, while the driver/mechanic sat immediately behind him. The RF-8/GAZ-98 had a top speed of 50km/h.

The new Dragon 1/6 scale model kit shows an exact replica of an RF-8/GAZ-98 aerosan. The structure of this Soviet vehicle from WWII is beautifully produced, including the two-man cockpit (featuring a steering wheel or the driver), propeller, independent coil spring suspension and four skis. This plastic kit fits together with ease, and when finished and painted it would fit into a dramatic snowy vignette. Of course, Soviet figures from Dragon’s 1/6 range could easily fit around (or in) the aerosan to further dramatize the scene!
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