1/35 IJA Type 97 Medium Tank "Chi-Ha" Early Production (Smar
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1/35 IJA Type 97 Medium Tank "Chi-Ha" Early Production (Smar

Barcode: 0 89195 86870 1
Case Pack: 20
Box Size: 9.6" x 15" x 2.8"

Dragon has previously released superb 1/35 scale plastic kits of Japanese armored and amphibious vehicles from WWII, including the Type 2 Ka-Mi, Type 95 Ha-Go and Type 4 Ke-Nu, but the time has finally come to unveil what was the most important tank type! It is the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank as used by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). The Type 97 was Japan’s most widely produced medium tank of WWII. Boasting a 57mm main gun and two Type 97 machine guns, this tank was intended to serve as an up-scaled version of the Type 95 for infantry support. A total of 2,123 tanks were produced from 1938-43, most of which had the low-velocity 57mm gun. The Chi-Ha was used in combat in Manchuria and China, as well as in fighting against the Allies.

The new 1/35 scale model specifically depicts an Early-Production variant of the Type 97 medium tank, possibly the most well-known Japanese tank of WWII. The kit was thoroughly researched by a Japanese design team, based on investigations and measurements of several surviving tanks. This level of research ensures that it will be undeniably the most accurate and precise Chi-Ha available on the market. The engine deck layout, toolbox, shovel, rear-plate brackets and distinctive flaps on the engine deck are all correctly depicted for an early-production tank. The kit resorts widely to slide molds so that fewer parts are needed. Naturally, this leads to a perfect balance of easy assembly and accuracy, which is what Smart Kits are all about! This Japanese tank kit allows modelers of 1/35 scale AFVs to field a tank widely used by the Japanese throughout the Asia-Pacific theater.

NEO Track in Type 97 tank combines the merits of both belt tracks and individual links:

1. Offering much more detail than belt tracks
2. Upper track runs can bend like belt tracks
3. Jig provided for correct sagging effect
4. Far easier assembly than individual track links, less assembly work and less filing
5. Hard and solid materials are easy to glue together and to paint
6. Individual track links permit precise fitting onto sprocket and idler wheel
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