1/35 M48A5 105mm Gun
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1/35 M48A5 105mm Gun

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Case Pack: 20

Dragon continues its superb M48 Patton family of main battle tanks in its 1/35 scale plastic kit range, with the latest item in the line-up being the M48A5. The main change introduced on the M48A5 variant was the addition of a 105mm gun instead of the previously used 90mm weapon. The M48A5 was introduced in the mid-1970s and it used as many parts as possible that were in common with the M60. This 1/35 scale kit is carefully crafted to create an M48A5 variant with the more powerful weapon. Of course, a major change is the inclusion of the 105mm gun tube, but there are other not-so-obvious changes as well. There’s also a new portable fire extinguisher mounted on the rear-left side of the turret, while the tool and stowage arrangement on both fenders has been modified to suit the M48A5 type. Of great convenience to modelers, this new kit includes NEW easy-to-assemble DS tracks. This M48A5 with 105mm gun is a welcome addition to Dragon’s modern range of vehicle kits, and the fact that it continues to be used even today by some militaries, as well as being fielded by the US in times past, makes it a versatile kit in the hands of modelers.


105mm Gun accurately reproduced

New MG Gun Mount

Fenders with new arrangement

Brand New DS Track

DS mantlet cover and gun sleeve

New fire extinguisher

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