1/35 UH-1N "Gunship"
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1/35 UH-1N "Gunship"

Barcode: 0 89195 83540 6
Case Pack: 12 pieces per case
Box Size: 16.9" x 12.2" x 2.8"

- Newly tooled mini-gun with intricate detail
- Highly detailed rocket launchers
- Ammunition box is newly tooled
- UH-1N fuselage rendered with fine detail
- Clear plastic parts for windshield and doors
- Photo-etched parts for upgrading the detail
- Pre-painted photo-etched parts included
- New Cartograf decal

The “Huey” must surely be one of, if not the most, recognizable helicopters in history. Dragon has produced a fabulous 1/35 scale plastic kit of this famous helicopter in an all-new guise. The new kit represents a UH-1N, a twin-engine version of the Huey. The first such variant flew in April 1969 with the Canadian government providing Bell with the impetus to develop this new helicopter powered by two Pratt & Whitney T400-CP-400 turboshafts. In due course the USMC, U.S. Navy and USAF ordered the UH-1N Iroquois.

This kit easily builds into a UH-1N Gunship flown by the U.S. Marines. As a gunship it possesses considerable firepower - weaponry includes 2.75-inch rocket pods and GAU-17 7.62mm miniguns. The minigun, for instance, is a brand new tooling and it exhibits amazingly intricate detail. This medium military helicopter has been carefully researched and cleverly engineered to produce a highly detailed 1/35 scale helicopter. Even the tiny rivets, so much a feature of the fuselage, are minutely rendered. Glazed parts are rendered in clear plastic, while high-quality Cartograf decals show off the finished gunship to perfection. The UH-1N has served in numerous conflicts such as the Gulf War and Iraq, so modelers have ample scope to display this model in a range of settings.

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