Battle on Two Fronts 1944-45
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Battle on Two Fronts 1944-45

Author: Tom Cockle

ISBN: 962-361-077-7
Packaging: 50 Pieces per carton
Box Size: 12"x17.5"x4"

About This New Release:
Germany's greatest mistake in WWII was attempting to fight a two-front war - against Great Britain and the USA in the west, and against the Soviet Union in the east. This book examines warfare on both of these fronts with the focus solely on Germany. For readers wanting a photographic record of the 1944-45 period, then this book offers a scintillating range of pictures in one accessible package.

The book opens with a two-page precis of Germany's fighting withdrawal in the last year and a half of the Third Reich's history. It then proceeds to a varied collection of WWII black and white photos of German military vehicles fighting on both the Western and Eastern Fronts. Vehicles such as halftracks, Puma armored car, Borgward BIV, Wespe, Marder III Ausf. M, Hetzer, StuG III, StuG IV, Wirbelwind, Hummel, Panzer IV, Jagdpanzer IV, Panther, Bergepanther, Brummbar, Tiger I, and Tiger II all make starring appearances. In other words, pretty much the whole range of German late-war armored vehicles is represented!

The book is supported by a series of sixteen color plates by Douglas Jameson. They feature an interesting selection of vehicles, including the mammoth Maus that never actually got to see combat. This book is significant in its breadth of coverage in terms of types of vehicles, as well as the fact that it features scenes from both the Western and Eastern Fronts. The detailed and accurate captions from the knowledgeable author only add to the appeal of this splendid new volume in the ever-popular "Armor at War" series from Concord Publications.

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