1/35 Cyber Hobby Sturmgeschutz III (F1) StuG III Panzer Tank
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1/35 Cyber Hobby Sturmgeschutz III (F1) StuG III Panzer Tank

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AMPMMIR055 - MMiR 55 - Amphibious Invasion LVT-4 Valentine, M1127 Stryker 9.95 $4.99
AMPVHCHUR2 - Visual History - Churchill Tank Part Two: Churchill Based Ve 19.95 $9.99
NBB028 - Nuts & Bolts Vol. 28 - Gleisketten LKWs "Maultier" (Sd.Kfz.3 52.95 $38.99

  • Newly produced Sturmgesch├╝tz III (Fl)

  • Fighting compartment hatches can be open/closed

  • Radio set w/new housing cover

  • Air-intake covers w/mounts are accurately reproduced

  • The engine deck cover is realistically presented

  • Air deflector accurately represented

  • Photo-etched mesh is included

  • Cooling air-intakes are slide-molded

  • Photo-etched air-intake grills

  • Newly produced 7.5cm StuK 40 L/48 w/travel lock

  • Photo-etched turret cover newly produced

  • Details are molded on fender's surfaces

  • Fender support reproduced

  • Lower hull sides come w/full detail

  • Pattern of bottom hull is presented w/details

  • One-piece slide-molded lower hull

  • Injection-molded OVM w/clasps

  • Driver vision port w/clear plastic part

  • One-piece driver vision port armor w/nut details

  • Multi-directional slide-molded superstructure w/bolt detail

  • Easy assembled multi-piece upper hull for maximum details

  • Slide-molded engine deck

  • Steering brake inspection hatch can be modeled open/closed

  • Delicate Magic Tracks

  • Idler wheels w/photo-etched parts

  • Detailed track tension adjuster

  • Road wheels w/accurate details

  • Final drive housing covers are separate parts for maximum detail

  • Accurate sprocket wheels

Supplies are limited, only a small quantity of this 1/35 Cyber Hobby Sturmgesch├╝tz III (F1) Panzer German Tank will be produced. Cyber-Hobby items will have one production run only and there will NOT be a reproduction of this item. In another words, once it is sold out it will be gone forever!

Cyber-Hobby Model Kits are OEM by Dragon Models, the same manufacturer that brings you the finest model kit in the market. These Cyber Hobby kits are officially known as the Master Grade Model by Dragon as they uses genuine Dragon parts, have a more obscured topic selection, uses special markings, and are normally loaded with bonuses.

Furthermore, Cyber Hobby Limited Edition Model Kits are small quantity limited production, and there will be one production run only.

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