1/35 Tiger I Sd.Kfz.181 DAK Initial Production 3 in 1
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1/35 Tiger I Sd.Kfz.181 DAK Initial Production 3 in 1

Nov 15th 2005 - WAITING LIST - Due to high demand, orders for the Tiger I DAK tanks are currently overflowed. Any new orders will be put onto the 'waiting list'. Thank you very much for your support.

FAQ : What is Waiting List?
ANSWER: Product is out of stock, however if any pre-orders do not qualify, that item becomes available to the next customer on the list. As a company policy, credit cards will only be charged when the order is ready to ship. If item is out of stock or back ordered, the credit card will not be charged.

Due to popular request and favorable shipping rate, we will be serving customers from Canada! is very proud to bring yet another obscured and hard to find brand to modellers in the USA. Cyber-Hobby Model kit, which was previously only offered from a Hong Kong based web store, is now available at

Cyber-Hobby Model kit is well known for its great items. All items are limited to one production run, and they will not be re-produced. These kits are known to have very high quality since they are OEM by Dragon.

By stocking these items in the States, not only we have eliminated the International shipping fee; customers can also buy confidently from us, making these kits more accessible at a greater value.

The first of these kits will be the CHC6286 1/35 Tiger I Sd.Kfz.181 DAK Initial Production 3 in 1.

This Cyber-Hobby Model Kit will be available in the States late November. Reserve your model kit now, as there will NOT be a re-production of this item. This item is first come first served!

- newly tooled axle mounts to model missing road wheels
- newly modeled stowage bin for s.Pz.Abt.501 (tank No. 141)
- photo-etched stowage bin locks for s.Pz.Abt.501 (tank No. 141)
- photo-etched stowage bin brackets for s.Pz.Abt.501 (tank No. 141)

:: Inherit the special features from the first 2 "Tiger I" by Dragon!
:: Addition of 20+ new features!!
New Features
- photo-etched mesh screen under the engine deck
- newly tooled upper hull to depict 501 vehicles
- newly tooled hull sides to depict 501 vehicles
- newly modeled rear plate with air filter unit and tool box
- newly tooled sprocket
- new tooling for rear fenders
- completely new glacis
- new parts for Initial Tiger I side skirts
- upgraded engine deck layout to suit brand new air filter system
- new mounting locks on engine deck
- pipes for air filter system come in both plastic and cloth options
- detailed Feifel air filter system produced by slide mold technology
- exhaust system can be modeled w/ plastic or photo-etched guards, or w/o guards
- newly tooled turret stowage box exclusive to 501 vehicles
- new on-vehicle tools including newly modeled gun barrel cleaning rods
- dedicated metal cables specifically designed for 501 vehicles
- new 'S' tow shackles
- direct sight vane can be modeled from plastic or photo-etched parts
- newly modeled view ports on both sides of turret
- new toolbox on rear plate

$99.00 order = FREE SHIPPING

Take advantage of the free shipping promotion, purchase 2 DAK Tiger I tanks or some Master Box or MiniArt German Tank Crew!

Master Box 1/35 German Tank Crew $6.95

Master Box 1/35 German Tank Repairmen $6.95 will only serve modellers in the USA AND CANADA for Cyber-Hobby Model Kits. Modellers in other countries please visit and place orders from there.

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